The Training For Warriors Dojo is your exclusive, members-only website to take your training, coaching, fitness and motivation to the next level.   As a member of the TFW Dojo,  you will have direct access to world renown fitness expert Martin Rooney. 

With hundreds of hours of content including training videos, webinars, interviews and workouts, you can use the TFW Dojo every day to improve in fitness and life. 

Here is a list of what you receive when you become a member of the TFW Dojo:

Dojo Bi-Monthly Webinars

Every month the TFW Dojo features TWO live training webinars with Martin Rooney. During each hour-long webinar, Martin will cover topics in the areas of Training and Professional Development and runs an interactive Q&A session you answer your questions.  Webinars on how you can improve your training, warmups, speed work, public speaking, networking skills and more are available in the Dojo now!

*If you are unable to attend the live webinar, a recording will be uploaded into the members area.

Ask Coach Rooney Videos

You have questions.  Let the TFW Dojo bring you the answers.  Inside the Dojo, you can submit your training questions to Martin Rooney. Even though the Dojo offers two Q&A sessions on a webinar per month, Martin will also answer your questions on video.  Now with so many questions answered, you can increase your knowledge quickly and take your training and coaching to the next level.

Dojo Workout of the Month 

The TFW system has been used to create world champions and some of the fittest athletes on earth.  As a Dojo member, each month you will receive tried and tested TFW workouts with which to experiment and implement into your own training.  These workouts will include strength training sessions and exciting metabolic circuits. 


Special Training Topics Video Series

There are topics you need to learn to make you better.  On these videos, Martin breaks down different topics in training to save you time and energy.  Currently there are video series on topics like bodyweight exercises, deceleration training, medicine ball, prehabilitation, sandbags, bench press, deadlift, book reviews, and much more.  There are also interviews with some of the top people in fitness today.


Dojo Motivation Videos

Everyone can use some motivation.  When you are a Dojo member, you receive exclusive inspirational videos shot by Martin from around the world.  These videos cover training, nutrition, motivation, and fitness business to keep you not only motivated, but accountable.  These videos are sure to deliver ideas not only to improve your training, but if you are a coach or parent, these messages will enhance your ability to inspire others.


"Training For Warriors" DVD

The entire 2-disc original Training For Warriors DVD ($39 value) is now fully uploaded and available inside the Dojo members area! 4 hours of real-time workouts including the conditioning sessions that helped Roger Gracie and Kyra Gracie both win gold at the ADCC World Grappling Championships and the strength and sparring sessions that allowed athletes to win at Pride FC and K-1


"Ultimate Warrior Workouts" DVD

If you have read the TFW book "Ultimate Warrior Workouts" you know Martin traveled around the globe to discover the training secrets of the world’s greatest martial artists.  But this three year process resulted in so much more than that! This DVD ($16 value) offers insight into what else was discovered on the journey and inspiration to take on your next adventure! Over 1.5 hours of video is now uploaded for you in the TFW Dojo members area!

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